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Cheyne Charity for Children with Celebral Palsy Number 1122968

Report of the Trustees for the period ending 31 July 2016

Objective of the Charity

The Trustees continue to pursue the overall objectives of the Charity which have existed for many years – to give financial assistance and support for those suffering from celebral Palsy and associated disorders, their families and others providing for their care.

Charitable Activities for the Period

Our activities continue to concentrate upon support for equipment and services.

In the year under review there continued to be a considerable increase in the number of requests for support both from institutions and individuals.  These ranged from providing a wide variety of mobility aids, such as specialist tricycles and walking frames, communication and laptops systems, intensive therapy and hydrotherapy treatments.  We have seen many more individual applications in the past year and while many have been helped, regrettably as a small charity a number have to be refused.

While primarily reliant upon income from investments the Charity has benefited from the generosity of the Phoenix Members Bar in London, a private legacy, and a donation from 2LK Company’s Charitable Fund.

During the year Dr Joan Martin, who worked for many years with the Cheyne Centre and is a longstanding Trustee of the Charity, celebrated her 100th Birthday. This was acknowledged by a donation of £1,000 which Joan contributed to the Halliwick Association, a therapeutic centre treating children with cerebral palsy, which she initiated and has supported over many years.

The financial climate has more recently been affected by the Brexit vote and is likely to have an impact upon share markets in the coming year.  Our advisors will continue to concentrate upon those companies with strong balance sheets and the potential for future dividend growth.

Rupert Rohan